BNT Process

BNT  Meets with Customer

Your BNT representative will walk you through the process and benefits of getting a new roof through  your insurance company.

BNT Will Inspect Your Roof

Your BNT representative will do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home for significant and often overlooked hail and wind damage. 

Contact Insurance Company

You and your BNT representative will contact the insurance company to file your claim and get the process in motion.

BNT Meets with Insurance Company

Your BNT representative will meet the insurance adjuster to ensure the damages are assessed properly and you, the homeowner, are reimbursed accordingly. 

Homeowner Contacts BNT Contractors

Contact your BNT representative to review the scope of work and reimbursement check.

BNT Completes Work

BNT completes your job per the insurance company estimate. This is a one day process to ensure your satisfaction.

Another Satisfied Customer

The customer is left with a complete job and feeling of satisfaction.